Monday, March 25, 2013


Some days are just so frustrating

I've been skipping out on my long runs for the past couple of weeks, in fact any working out between Thursday and Monday in general. Instead I've been enjoying time with friends and watching amazing basketball (Florida Gulf Coast what?!). These both have involved too much terrible food and alcohol... So needless to say, by last Friday my body was FEELING. IT. Spending the time with friends was great but man, do I need to figure out a happy medium.

Of course when I got home from work today I had the brilliant thought - hey, I'll make up my 12 mile long run tonight! Body had other plans. Running on wings, beer, and homemade mac n cheese is not a good idea. I made it 3.9 miles. How do you not get discouraged?

You remind yourself that instead of wallowing in self-pity, you ran 3.9 miles. In lieu of drinking with a friend, you ran 3.9 miles. Instead of feeling like you accomplished nothing, you remind yourself that you ran 3.9 miles. And the fact that you got on your feet and had a good sweat means you're one step closer to hauling ass out of the funk you've been in.

So cheers to everyone who did a little more than they did yesterday! I've got my eye on Friday - my first day off work in 3 months! - to take down that 12 miler :-)

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