Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beating Treadmill Boredom

As I recently shared, Indiana has been having some particularly hellacious early spring weather that has kept me on the treadmill longer than I want to be. There once was a time when I had the stones to run outside in Chicago in February. Those days are LONG gone.

I always run with music, for one. I have a playlist of running music that is used mostly for running - when I turn it on, it usually pumps me up. However, it does not typically pump me up for a couple of hours. Lately, I've taken my iPad with me and watched TV for the first hour or so of my run. It's easier to start with TV and end with music, because music impacts me in a way that TV never could. When the run gets tough, I need the music!

Something else I do, as silly as it may sound, is watch the time pass essentially. I break a run up into five minute sections. I try to run for 2.5 minutes, then I count 2.5 minutes. Once that 5 minutes is up, I can check my pace and mileage. I know it sounds crazy to watch the clock like that, but if I don't put some time limits on it, I will check pace and mileage constantly.

Anyway, that's what I do. If anyone has better ideas I would love to hear them :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013


Some days are just so frustrating

I've been skipping out on my long runs for the past couple of weeks, in fact any working out between Thursday and Monday in general. Instead I've been enjoying time with friends and watching amazing basketball (Florida Gulf Coast what?!). These both have involved too much terrible food and alcohol... So needless to say, by last Friday my body was FEELING. IT. Spending the time with friends was great but man, do I need to figure out a happy medium.

Of course when I got home from work today I had the brilliant thought - hey, I'll make up my 12 mile long run tonight! Body had other plans. Running on wings, beer, and homemade mac n cheese is not a good idea. I made it 3.9 miles. How do you not get discouraged?

You remind yourself that instead of wallowing in self-pity, you ran 3.9 miles. In lieu of drinking with a friend, you ran 3.9 miles. Instead of feeling like you accomplished nothing, you remind yourself that you ran 3.9 miles. And the fact that you got on your feet and had a good sweat means you're one step closer to hauling ass out of the funk you've been in.

So cheers to everyone who did a little more than they did yesterday! I've got my eye on Friday - my first day off work in 3 months! - to take down that 12 miler :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


My sincerest apologies to anyone who reads this for my non-post yesterday (Sarah). All my time has been occupied with watching basketball! My bracket is doing verrrrrry well, thanks to Oregon and Ole Miss!

I have a 12 mi run on tap for tomorrow and IN is apparently getting 10 inches of snow?? So I will let you know how I busy boredom on the treadmill for 2ish hours. It'll be my longest tready-run to date --my current record is 10 miles!

Sadly the thing I'm most excited about is to try out my new Bic Band! I have had a hard time finding something to hold back my flyaways (fine hair sucks sometimes) so I'll let you know how that goes too :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Post margarita = not so happy

Sometimes I need to be reminded that I am no longer 25.

Just kidding, it wasn't that bad, but it's just been one of those hectic mornings for no discernible reason. HOWEVER : March Madness, hooray! Unfortunately : it is below 30 degrees in Indiana. Are you KIDDING ME?!

Hope your Thursday is a great one!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Margaritas = happiness

Some days you just need a margarita. Or five. It was A Day at work, so the man and I went for Mexican and margs after work. We are both at kind of pivotal points I'm our career (thus the reason for furry kids instead of human ones at this point) so lately there's been a lot of tension and "Shop Talk" at home. My husband is always the best at encouraging and challenging me, so it works out pretty well.

In any case, it's a darn good thing that I got a workout in this morning. The later I stay up and watch recent episodes of Bones (God bless David Boreanaz... Such a beautiful man), the more tomorrow morning's tempo run is in question. Oh well - nights off can be good, especially when your weekends are as packed with miscellaneous house projects as ours are!

Here's a photo of one thing I'll be up to this weekend...drywall is (not) my fave!


I actually got up to go to 5:45am spin class today! Wahoo... This happens oh, once a month. I am pretty good at working out after work, but mornings are rough. I like to get up early and go to the gym so I can spend more time with the dogs (and husband...maybe) when I get home. You'd think this would motivate me... No. I usually tell myself the dogs would rather that I stay in bed and snuggle them but I'm pretty sure that, if given the choice, they'd like an afternoon walk. I'm a jerk.

We have a group celebration lunch for work today at Maggiano's. This could be bad for my weight loss trajectory.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is anybody out there?

Mmmkay, so I don't really run in glasses. I tried recently, when I ran out of contacts. Bad experience. I ghetto-rigged a set of croakers (any other bespectacled 7 year old athletes remember those? No? Figures.) but they were an epic failure.

My name is Kaylie, and I am a very-close-to-the-big-3-0 CPA living in the general vicinity of Indianapolis, IN. I love to run half marathons (14 so far, 15 and 16 are scheduled for April and May) and am training for my first full marathon in November. I live with my two precious dogs and my handsome husband who tries to teach me not to be a helpless woman -- I have used many a power tool in the three years we've been married, that's kind of scary. I also live 1.5 miles from my mama and down the street from my high school best friend. What can I say, I'm blessed! But I figure... There's enough I don't know and enough times I screw up for some good comic relief. Hopefully someone besides my BFF in Houston reads someday :-)