Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is anybody out there?

Mmmkay, so I don't really run in glasses. I tried recently, when I ran out of contacts. Bad experience. I ghetto-rigged a set of croakers (any other bespectacled 7 year old athletes remember those? No? Figures.) but they were an epic failure.

My name is Kaylie, and I am a very-close-to-the-big-3-0 CPA living in the general vicinity of Indianapolis, IN. I love to run half marathons (14 so far, 15 and 16 are scheduled for April and May) and am training for my first full marathon in November. I live with my two precious dogs and my handsome husband who tries to teach me not to be a helpless woman -- I have used many a power tool in the three years we've been married, that's kind of scary. I also live 1.5 miles from my mama and down the street from my high school best friend. What can I say, I'm blessed! But I figure... There's enough I don't know and enough times I screw up for some good comic relief. Hopefully someone besides my BFF in Houston reads someday :-)

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